Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Day of Spring 2012 Semester

Today was the last day of my spring semester and that means trip is even closer than before. Throughout the past months I have been trying to prepare as much as possible by completing forms for Study Abroad, as well as, booking flights and getting together other paper work needed to attend this trip. Going through CMU's Study Abroad Pre-Student Teaching Program allows you to worry less about all the little details and more about the actual trip. The faculty for this trip has already planned what school we will be teaching in, as well as, the field trips around London that we will take. Some other things that I have been doing to prepare are deciding what kind of things I will need to take along. When traveling to a place like Europe there are a few things you should think about before you leave. The first is an electric convertor for things that you will need to plug in. Some other things to think about are making sure your passport is not expired, talking to your bank about all your travels, how much luggage your airline allows and if there is a fee, and prescriptions that you need to take along. All of these are factors that I have started to think about and have been making sure they are ready for when I finally go to London! Well, that’s all for now. Keep checking in for new updates!

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