Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012
Day 3
Today started with an early morning of getting on the train and then the tube. When we finally got to the tube station where our group meet, we were ready to get on the bus for a tour of downtown London. During the tour, we were able to see the London bridge again, Westminster Abby, Big Ben, Parliament, and Buckingham Palace. During our tour, it rained on and off and because of that, it was hard to take pictures of all the stuff we saw. As we rode around, we were able to get out and go into Westminster Abby and go on a tour with our tour guide from our bus. In the Abby, we were able to learn about all the different people buried there. There are different sections of the Abby for different groups of people like politicians, musicians, and many others. There are also many older kings and queens that are buried there. The Abby is also where William and Kate were just married. We found out that there is a plaque in the ground that is for the unknown warrior in the ground. No one is allowed to step on this plaque, and so, we found out that when Kate had to walk down the aisle she had to go around it. I never knew this before and it blew my mind. During our tour we also got to get out at Buckingham Palace, but they were still taking down all the different things they had up for the queens jubilee. The jubilee is for the amount of time the queen has reigned over her country. This Jubilee was the diamond jubilee, meaning that she has been in reign for 60 years. Currently, queen Victoria holds the longest reign time, but queen Elizabeth is close to passing that record. The day ended by coming home and having some dinner with our host mom. Check back for tomorrows events.

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