Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Day 12
Today was the third day at the school in Galliard Primary School. We started off the day with register and then moved on to mathematics. For mathematics, we finished the second part of our record taking. Tomorrow we will be using the data to find the mean, median, and mode. After numeracy, we moved on to my lesson plan. For this lesson plan, I had the students split into groups of three and chose a country out of a bag. When they were done with that they all got an iPad from the iPad bins and a worksheet to complete as a group. On the worksheet there were two websites that the students would use to find the answers to all the questions. After they completed the worksheet they had to create a brochure for their country with pictures and the information they found earlier. After my lesson they had play time and then a drug talk. During the drug talk the students were allowed to ask questions and get to know what is out there. Next was lunch time and then the students had to do their weekly responsibilities. This included reading buddies with the your grades and helping with mathematics and literacy. Picture time came next and took a while because the students had to take individual pictures, then class pictures, and finally a whole year six picture. After pictures we went back to the classroom and I read some more of the "Goodnight Mr. Tom" book that they have been reading.

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