Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012
Day 10
Today was our first full day at Galliard Primary School. I was placed in Ms. Carrington's year six classroom. In London, when they refer to a classroom as year six, it is equivalent to fifth grade in the United States and is also their last year of elementary school. For the first part of the day, we started with attendance, what they call register, where the teacher goes through and says good morning to each student and they respond with a good morning to her. Lately, the students have been learning french, so they sometimes say good morning in french. After register, we moved on to numeracy, or what we would call mathematics. For this section, we went through an article talking about relating mathematics to the olympics and how it is needed. Before they read the article, the students got in groups and discussed what they would use mathematics for in the olympics. After numeracy they move on to literacy where they read a part of "Goodnight Mr. Tom". This story is about old England and takes place during war time. Next came play time, where the students get 15 minutes out on their playground. When they came in from play time we had singing where they practiced songs for their play they will be putting on later in the month. Lunch came next and in England they get a whole hour to do so. After lunch, all the year students were brought into the assembly hall for a play rehearsal. This rehearsal lasted the rest of the school day and included much singing and rehearsing of lines.

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