Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Day 4
The day started off with he tube again, on our way to Windsor Castle. When we got there, we were able to chose if we wanted to go on a tour with a guide or meander around by ourselves. I chose to go on the tour and listen to an expert on the castle. It was interesting to hear about the mound and moat created to help keep out invaders. We also were able to hear about the other defenses the castle has, such as arrow holes and holes in front of the gates that they can pour hot liquids down to kill the invaders. Windsor Castle was huge, with many rooms to for all kinds of visitors. The castle is known as one of the main households of the queen and the one that she prefers. Inside the castle, there are many rooms that are set up to show what they used to look like back in the day and all the glorious paintings that it holds. While at the Windsor Castle, we learned that there was a huge fire that happened. During this fire there was a lot lost, but they were able to restore almost all of it to its original state. After Windsor Castle, a group of us went to Harrods and then to Hyde Park. At Hyde Park, we were able to rent bikes for only 2 pounds for an hour and ride around the park. In the park, the roses were blooming and there was an amazing view on a bridge of the river flowing through their. After Hyde park, we went home, had dinner, and went to sleep. Another long, but great day. Stay tuned for more!

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