Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Day 13
The day started out with the students working on an opening word problem, where they were given 9 letters and they had to find as many words with 3 or more letters in it as they could. I should also mention that for the morning we had a substitute teacher in our classroom. She is a teacher helper from the building so the children knew her pretty well. After the warm up we started with mathematics, which consisted of the students using the data that they had gotten from the previous days and finding the mean, median, and mode. This took a while for them to complete because there was quite a bit of data. Something that I would also like to mention, is that when they did their mathematics, they did it in their house groups. In the school there are 4 house groups that the children belong to, which I always compare to Harry Potter, but the houses are Richmond, Bedford, York, and Garraford. While the children worked with the data, I went around to help out and answer any questions that they may have had. After math, which they call maths, we went to assembly. During this assembly time, they talked to the students about working in teams and how important it is. After assembly, we went back and worked on literacy. For literacy today, they got back the poems titled "The Magic of the Mind" one had to come up with ideas on how to create poems that are similar to it. To do this they created bubble charts for ideas and then passed them to the different groups to see what they were thinking. During this time, I also went to see "Chicken Shed", which is a preforming group that comes in for the younger students in the school and does fun activities with them (reminded me of The Wiggles from the United Stated television). Next came their play time and when they came in, they got to work on the brochures that I had them start during my lesson the day before. The students got pretty far and were almost finished by lunch time. After lunch we came back and the students had rehearsal for their play. During this time, I went with Mrs. Brown, our teacher assistant, and the four girls from a dance group called acrobatics and worked on their dance routine. Together we came up with all the dance moves for the song "Waka Waka" by Shakira to perform in the play, as well as, practiced. We did that for the rest of the day and then performed it for the class at the end. 

After class we went home and hung out with our host mom until around 7 when we had dinner. After, we went into Southfield to the New Crown for a last little night out with our classmates.

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